FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Original School Leaving Certificate of previous school / college.
  • Photo copy of form "B" of the candidates and NIC of Father / Guardian duly attested.
  • Photo copy of marks sheet of class IX, X and XI(whichever is applicatble) duly attested.
  • Photo copy of mark sheet duly attested by the concerned board other than Federal Board.
  • Parents to ensure accuracy of name entered (spelling) and date of birth to be used for registration with the Federal Board at later stage. These will not be changed in any case. Date of birth must tally with Form ‘B’/Birth certificate.
  • Original Copy of Migration Certificate for admission in class XI (other than Federal Board).
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  • Pre-Medical
    Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Pre-Engineering
    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • ICS
    Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
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No, students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school & college.
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No, but some families organise joint transport for their children.
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All school & college cafeterias are run by independent vendors and inspected by the college management ensuring quality, hygiene and cleanliness.
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Hooters and Walk Through Gate Metal Detector are installed. Thorough bag checking of students and school & college building in the morning. Lectures to students and staff members to enhance awareness about security threats.
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Yes, as well as safe and secure.
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FIC Minhas is located inside PAF Base Colony Minhas, Kamra Distt Attock
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