The historic history of Fazaia Inter College Minhas commenced on 1988 when it started its journey as a toddling child as a primary school and through the various stages of its maturity it is enriched with various shades of versatility. It was up graded to SSC (Secondary) level in 1991 and to inter level in 1998. Co education system has been smoothly flowing from prep to inter level. Now Junior, Senior and College sections are the building blocks of this intuition. Each section is supervised by a separate head. The Fazaia Inter College Minhas is famous for its discipline, quality of education and cleanliness. It has the pride of winning CAS Trophy for the Best Primary section 2008-09 of Fazaia Chain of Schools and Colleges. They work under the overall supervision of the principal.

Karma cantonment is famous for PAF Base Minhas and Pakistan Aeronautical complex. It is located in the centre of two big cities i.e. Rawalpindi and Peshawar connected by the GT road. The Fazaia Inter College Minhas is situated in Kamra cantonment opposite of PAC F-6 Rebuild Factory on link road from kutba Chock to Attock city at about 150 meter short of Pakistanis famous and beautiful Ghazi Brotha Cannel. It is easily approachable from all corners of Attock city.