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All academic matters at Saleem Nawaz Fazaia College Masroor are the responsibility of the Studies Department which comprises three sections:

  • Academics (curriculum, assessment  exams, career guidance  counseling, libraries)
  • Professional Development  Research (teacher and leader training)
  • Inspection  Quality Assurance (inspection and improvement)

Fazaia Chains of Schools  Colleges are clear in its strategic intent to provide a high quality educational experience that will motivate, enthuse, and encourage its large student community in all corners of Pakistan and worldwide.

With  a readiness to move rapidly to develop new ways of teaching for effective learning, SNFC Masroor exudes a confidence that comes from a remarkable track record of having academic systems and procedures in place which suit our students needs and help sustain a high level of examination success.

In establishing a clear future vision of what academic excellence might look like in our institution, there is a constant need to shape our academic planning to align with, and equip our students with, the skills; and values to cope with growing demands of the 21st century.

Students, teachers, curriculum developers and parents alike will need to be prepared for a different and more challenging role in the learning and teaching process. We should all be successful in equipping the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the confidence and ability to remain loyal to their national heritage, whilst at the same time embracing globalization with all the economic, technological, political and cultural challenges that will involve. Fazaia Chains of School  Colleges academic philosophy, curriculum, policies and procedures are all geared towards achieving this goal.