The students in Fazaia Chain of Schools & Colleges are offered the facility of transfer from one school campus to another. Parent/Guardian can apply for migration, indicating the recipient campus. The transferring institution initiates the "Letter of Transfer" and proceeds to coordinate the students transfer with its Head Office. The student transfer facility is allowed throughout the year as transfer of PAF serving personnels. The head office will assist, if a parent requests the Head Office to locate a campus in case of a transfer or migration. At the time of transfer, the recipient campus could issue the "Fee Challan" of the current month which will be also reflect on the SLC and fee would not be charged of that month when the student is admitted in the recipient campus. The recipient campus accepts the student's transfer and takes the student on roll once payment of transfer-fee is made at the designated bank.

Voluntary Withdrawal Process

If parents wish to voluntarily withdraw their child from the institution due to any reason, a one-month notice in writing is required by the school or alternatively, a one-month fee must be paid to the school in lieu of the notice. The Withdrawal Certificate will be issued after getting clearance from the institution's administration and other areas like library, science laboratory, computer laboratory, accounts and other concerning sections.