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Naat and Qirat Competition

Personality Grooming

Our aim at Fazaia Chains of School & Colleges is to provide a broader platform, a nurturing culture.; The patience and perseverance of our teachers assists the students in personality grooming. It not only includes the physical grooming but also develops the mindset which helps children to have their own thinking, their own view, their own perspective and their own personality.

    <li>Daily 03 minutes talk in classrooms by students</li>
    <li>Lectures on Personal-Hygiene By College Doctor</li>
    <li>Conduct of Lectures on Manners By Teachers</li>
    <li>Celebration of National Days</li>
    <li>Conduct of various activities (Earth day, peace day, medicine collection, cleaning campaign, plantation etc)</li>

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength mastering yourself is true power.