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<h1>Instructions for Parents</h1>

Education of children is the joint responsibility of the parents / guardians and the institution. The following instructions are laid down specifically for the parents / guardians seeking their due participation in accruing maximum educational benefits to the children:-

(a) As far as possible the parents / guardians should keep in touch with the Principal / Vice Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress so as to keep abreast of the performance of their children / wards in academics and other activities.

(b) They are expected to see the Principal / Vice Principal / Headmaster / Headmistress without delay whenever required.

(c) All parents should attend Parent-Teacher meetings whenever called upon to do so.

(d) They are required to cooperate with the institution in matters regarding discipline, uniform, attendance, punctuality and general behaviour of their children / wards.

(e) They are to ensure that their children/wards fully observe the college rules and regulations.

(f) They are to keep a check on the performance of their children / wards in the examinations.

(g) They are to abide by the policies and regulations of the institution with respect to discipline, educational methods, promotions / detentions and sendup of admissions for the board examinations.

(h) The parents should not send their wards to school / college, if they are suffering from any contagious diseases.

(j) Parents are to register complaints, if any, to the Principal/Vice Principal/ Headmaster/Headmistress and in no case directly to the teachers.

(k) They are not to visit academic areas and classrooms during school / college timings.

(l) They are to provide a congenial atmosphere to their children / wards at home for their studies and ensure that their children do their home work regularly.

(m) They are to read and sign any notice, rules and regulations and written warnings sent or intimated to them by the institution.

(n) They are to take note of all messages sent to them by the college through SMS. They must update their cell / line numbers with college administration.

(p) They are to return six monthly verification proforma duly filled and authenticated within stipulated period.

(q) They are to ensure timely payment of school / college dues.

(r) They are to apply in writing for withdrawal of their children / wards from the institution.