Fazaia School & Colleges has an established system of school & college inspection. The process and framework of inspection has evolved, and we have now a contextualised model that is suited to our own requirements, alongside encapsulating the best possible international practices.

The primary focus remains making the schools and colleges aware of their own needs and areas of improvement through self-evaluation, eventually contributing towards improved student achievement.

The purpose of inspections is to contribute towards improved student outcomes. The AHQ is committed to inspecting schools and colleges in a spirit of professional collaboration and in accordance with the highest professional standards. The general principles of the code are that inspectors will be consistent, fair and courteous, and will work with members of the school and college community in a climate of mutual respect.

Inspectors aim to leave the staff of each school and college feeling that they have gained from the experience of inspection. Those involved in running schools and colleges should recognise the thoroughness of the evidence base as well as understand and respect the judgments that emerge. The entire school and college community, including parents, should feel that the inspection has provided a valuable contribution to its strategy for improvement.

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