Dr Ikram Alam says his school days were the best days of his life. He started studies in PAF Inter College Samungli in 1994. He left The City School in my 4th grade and joined PAF in 5th, a transition that he never regretted. PAF was the platform where he was introduced to some interesting colors of his life. His strengths his weakness. He feels blessed to have been taught from finest faculty members who literally tried hard to brighten his future.

Months turned into years and he finally had to say goodbye to this lovely institution after he had done his FSc in Pre Med.

The fuel and knowledge that the institution inculcated in him led him to secure place in a Dental College. There he studied dentistry for good four years and left for Karachi to pursue his House Job and post-graduation and by the grace of Allah, he did it. Now he is serving in a capacity of Senior Dental Surgeon with core specialty of Oral Surgery. Yet he strives to achieve more and do the undone.

Looking back over years he feels privileged that he was a part of this institution. He is glad to be taught by enormously energetic faculty members who taught him so much better. He prays that May Allah keep this institution ever glowing and healthy.