<h1>Curricular Activities</h1>


Due emphasis is laid on professional development and capacity building of teaching staff, which resultantly helps in practicing effective pedagogical skills that help in positive modification of students cognitive abilities to achieve academic objectives. While following formal syllabi, our teachers put into practice all of their energies through effective lesson planning and teaching methodologies. In addition, our seasoned and learned faculty members design multifarious programmes with an aim of curricular enrichment. These activities are conducted throughout an academic year which augments students conceptual learning vis-à-vis achievement of set academic objectives. Following activities are part of Fazaia's curricular enrichment programme to polish students' skills

Essay writing competitions

Quiz competitions

Science models exhibitions

CAS Honour examinations

Language learning activities based on the pattern of internationally acclaimed JAM sessions, and toast-master communication sessions


Fazaia Model United Nations activity

Cultural Events

Vocabulary enhancement through language laboratories

Declamation Contests