Academic calendars;are systems by which you;define;the landmark dates that drive much of the day-to-day business at the;academic;institution. Each;academic calendar;contains cancel, withdrawal, and drop deadlines along with other landmark dates that vary, depending on the;academic calendar;type.

In Pakistan, the school year runs from April to March. Students have a two-month summer vacation and a two-week winter vacation. In;Gilgit-Baltistan,;Azad Kashmir;and some areas of;Balochistan, where heavy snow paralyzes life in the winter, the schools close for two months and there are two weeks of summer vacation.

Schools and universities are off on national holidays: Pakistan Day (March 23), Independence Day (August 14), Defence of Pakistan Day (September 6), the anniversaries of the birth (December 25) and death (September 11) of;Quaid-e-Azam,;and Allama Iqbal;(November 9). Labour Day;(also known as;May Day) is also observed in Pakistan on May 1. Both;Eid;festivals are also public holidays.